Things to think about

Some questions to Ask Yourself before you go shopping for a website.  The answers will help you to understand important factors to determine which services, software, server and development options will fit your company website.

    1) What role will this website play in your business?

  • A point of contact and advertisement, similar to a yellow page listing
  • A storefront for products or services.
  • A portal for taking payments over the internet?
  • A blog, entertainment or informational site.

2)      How much time, staff, and energy do you have to not just to start, but to maintain your site.
4)      Do you want special features, such as a help chat or streaming video?
4)      How many pages and or products will need on your site? Who will write your copy?
5)      What are your targeted audiences?
6)      Do you already have branding, artwork for your logos and other graphics?
7)      What tone will you set?  Button down or Flashy?  Serious or fun?  Store front or Lounge?
8)      Do you want advertisements for products and services other than your own on your site?