Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

This Just In, add GEO Tags!

Adding Geo Tags is often overlooked.

Maybe one of the reasons that its so overlooked is that Google doesn’t officially include it in their algorithms, or if they do, nobody is talking about it yet. In the video below, we get Google’s Matt Cutts explaining the importance of GEO in results, but that meta tags are not given much weight in the algorithm. This is a little dated, from 2009 but as far as I can tell its still the “official” Google policy.

But, if you have a specific locale business market, including these tags in your site headers, for Bing, Yahoo and yes, even Google is a smart move. It won’t hurt to made sure the right GEO options are set up in your Webmaster tools, especially in Google Webmaster, Analytics and especially Adsense. Doing so can give you better,(ie targeted and engaged) audience results for your campaigns.

I feel like on these posts about SEO and other website code, I should always insert a disclaimer that proper use of the GEO tags or any other code implementation for SEO optimization is never a substitution for killer quality and relevant content, active promotion and trust measures. Truly, there is no magic formula or code that can cheat the system or substitute for the elbow grease and hard work needed to truly get good SEO juice. And, if there was such a magic code or formula, with the rapidly changing landscape of the internet, in both the codes and the algorithms, what worked just one or two years ago, probably will not work tomorrow, if it is still working today.