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Website Security

Website security is essential

It is just common sense.   In any serious business venture, you make sure that your business is secure, you lock the door when you leave, padlock the gates and take measures to keep your customer information, and company data safe and confidential. It is vital to take the security of your website just as seriously as you take the security of your bank accounts and customer lists.  It might sound somewhat dramatic, but website security is truly ignored at your own peril, and failure to implement security measures risks not only impacts your website, but also your company’s reputation and customer confidence level.

A website acts as a window into your organization for site visitors. The more secure visitors feel your site to be, the more likely they are to become customers, shop, participate, share, and use interactive features.  Some absolute musts are to Post Privacy Policies and Terms of Use for site visitors, invest in Security Badges and other “Trust” certifications, especially if you take credit cards. All of these steps are reassuring to customers and site visitors, some can even help fight both fraud and spam.

But,  your website is more than just a window for customers, it is also a window for hackers, spam bots, and other dangers such as credit card fraud.  Keeping your website secure requires a pro-active and comprehensive strategy, which should be documented in policies and procedures and reviewed periodically. Continue reading