Pardon the Dust, Those Pesky H1 tags in TwentyFourteen

You might notice that the site is looking a bit wonky over the last few days, I have been working on a new child theme based on twenty-fourteen. And playing around with it in ways I would never do on a client site. I wasn’t going to create a new theme, I was just going to try twenty-fourteen out of the box and see what was new. So I switched over a few weeks ago before I even looked very closely, but didn’t run any analysis on it. Big mistake.

Turns out though that fourteen adds H1 tags to EVERYTHING. Featured content, widget titles, widget links, site-title, site description. The whole page, every page, just a waterfall of H! tags. And in this case the “H” stands for “Hit me where it Hurts”, right in the stats.

I have read lately that some developers out there are starting to believe that multiple H1 tags are ok, and when Twenty Fourteen came out with all those H1 tags, I figured that maybe they were on to something. The WordPress development team are so ahead of that curve, or somebody forgot to tell Google.

It is also makes the structure markup confusing, and very hard to determine what each page is really about.

I still really like the look of this theme out of the box, but it is taking some fancy footwork to trace all those H1 tags, and I am in the middle of the end, the epiphany of the ephemera I guess. Or maybe its the fact that its six hours past my bedtime because I’ve been having so much fun. And really, that’s the truth for me, this is fun.
Only my eyes are crossing and tearing up and I have a full day ahead tomorrow.