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What Kat does

I have been providing support services and complete website solutions for business owners and organizations since 2009 at embarrassingly reasonable prices.  Experienced in Zen-Cart, WordPress, Drupal, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, WHM.

Quality, trustworthy, unique

For me, trust is the most important part of the relationship with my clients. Not only in the business sense, but the kind of trust that helps us to work together to produce an amazing site to be proud of. One that reflects your unique company brand and enhances your image. I want my clients to feel that they get clear communication, prompt responses and that discretion, honesty and work ethic are part of the services provided.

In building websites, trust is also an important quality to foster for both human and search engine visitors. A trusting human audience is far more likely to become an engaged audience. An engaged audience is far more likely to support your cause or buy your products.

Search Engines also use trust as a ranking factor. Site reputation today is one of the most important part of earning a good ranking. If you are not trusted, chances are you are not going to show up in searches. Or maybe even worse, you can earn a “this site is not safe” warning. You’re AdWords campaigns might also be affected or blocked.

Earning their trust is not that hard, markup and functionality that is clear, accessible, and relevant to your message. Keeping your site free of malware, redirects, or phishing. The use of encryption for contact forms and user interaction. No magic trucks, just integrity and clear communication is needed.

Helping you to get the most out of your website

It starts with establishing what your goals are for your website. To understand exactly what do you want your website to do for your business or organization. This shapes everything that goes into the design, content, forms and calls to action. Establishing how you want to interact with your visitors, your sales funnel and where you wish your users to go, or do, once they are on your site is the first step to getting them to do those things.

Website designs includes optimization of markup and formatting your site for search engines and clear navigation for human visitors.   Integration with tools like Google Analytic to help you analyze the effectiveness of your message and your advertising campaigns.

Fixing Broken Websites

A broken website or email bounce rejections can cost you a lot.

It doesn’t matter what colors or pictures you use if google doesn’t see you, your site doesn’t load, or is taking too long to load. It doesn’t matter where you want them to go if the link doesn’t work.

It doesn’t matter how many marketing emails you send if you’re blacklisted

Any of the above conditions can cause your business – sales, customer trust, and reputation, to suffer.

A contact form that doesn’t work not only fails to send you valuable leads, it can also frustrate visitors and projects an aura of unreliability.

When links or page layouts are broken, pages simply do not load, or worse, customers are being redirected to another site, it has a negative impact search engines and on potential customers, and most will leave rather than even bothering with trying to contact you.

Sometimes, it  means  you’ve been hacked, other times it can be outdated code, or changes made by your hosting providers. Or something someone else has done on your shared server.

In some cases your problems can be resolved quickly with an update or a few lines of code, other times they may require more intensive attention.

The services I provide helps my clients to get their websites back on track as soon as possible.

Got Mobile?

Mobile traffic is a significant portion of internet traffic these days. If your site is not easily readable or otherwise difficult to use on alternative devices it can reduce your ability to get your message out to a portion of your targeted audience – and put you at a disadvantage compared to your competitors who are mobile ready.  Providing a responsive site for this ever growing audience is not only a must to attract human visitors, but it also plays a large part in the Google algorithms.

All website design and development is tailored to your companies specific needs using modern coding standards. Proper attention to security, optimized code and markup and quality of content is used to help build trust with your audience.

If you are interested in a custom built website of your own, or you need your website fixed or updated, please contact me for a quote or further information!


What my customers are saying

exceptional results that exceed client demands

I have worked with Kathy on a multitude of projects and every time she has proven herself to be a dedicated conscientious partner in every effort we’ve collaborated on. Kathy takes time to fully understand the tasks and strives to provide exceptional results that exceed client demands.

Mark B, Business Owner

a trusted source of web-related resources and expertise

Kathy has been a trusted source of web-related resources and expertise for myself and one of my major clients. Any time we present an issue or challenge to her, she tackles it immediately, head-on, and finishes the project with astute attention to detail, leaving no lose ends or gaps. In fact, Kathy often spots additional ways to make our sites even more secure, better functioning, and an overall smoother experience for our users. We are so lucky to have found her!!

Jaclyn C, Life Coach

Diane Peppler Resource Center

“Kat has helped us totally revise the way we relate to our clients and community with our website. She is amazing!”

Diane Peppler Resource Center

10 out of 10

“She is the best. She responds quickly to your calls for help and fixes the problems you are having with your computer. I love her.”

Sherri B, CPA